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Ashe County, North Carolina, for many, is all about its remarkable people, its remarkable scenery, remarkable natural beauty, and, of course, the remarkable mountains that, in fact, are Ashe County. Yes, it is a remarkable place to visit or live… you make the choice!

Nestled in the northwestern corner of beautiful North Carolina, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ashe County is surrounded to the west by the state of Tennessee and to the north by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Ashe County is the mountains, a look and a drive in any direction proves it. Whether marveling at the elegance of Mt. Jefferson at 4,900 feet, enjoying downtown West Jefferson at 3,000 feet, or pondering the awesomeness of “The Peak,” majestically reaching 5,500 feet, it remains quite clear that you are in the mountains.

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Ashe County is clean fresh air, incredible layered mountain views unobstructed for miles and miles, and charming mountain towns — West Jefferson, Jefferson, Todd, and Lansing. It is the historic American Heritage and Scenic New River, and sparkling mountain streams, perfect for your relaxation and enjoyment and a welcome challenge for the fly fishing enthusiast. Ashe County enjoys four distinct and refreshing seasons, never-ending natural beauty, a panorama of constantly changing native flowering shrubs and wildflowers, and an abundance of precious wildlife — deer, turkey, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, an occasional black bear, and a multitude of colorful songbirds. Ashe County is also sunrises and sunsets — if you love a brilliant gold and red sky, then hold on!

Can you imagine a “warm” summer day, say a high of 85 degrees, but with no humidity, and no bugs, or how about a cool summer night, maybe 55-60 degrees, certainly no need for AC, let’s open the windows, turn on the paddle fan and snuggle under a light blanket… this is mountain living, this is really cool! Ashe County is all about relaxation, a little more peace and quiet, a different climate, a slower pace, and simply “taking time to smell the roses” as they say, or the rhododendron, mountain laurels, Fraser Fir Christmas trees, and our abundance of seasonal wildflowers.

Ashe County is a relaxing canoe trip up the New River (it flows north), a bike ride on Railroad Grade Road, hiking the trails of Mt, Jefferson, and wandering in and out of the quaint shops and gallery’s of downtown West Jefferson.

Ashe County loves its artists and artisans and proudly showcases and shares their talents. In fact our Ashe County Arts Council, with the support of the Ashe County Chamber of Commerce, makes it a point to find many unique “shows” to share artist skills, including colorful and truly exciting murals on several West Jefferson buildings. Even better, they sponsor a “Barn Quilt” tour of Ashe County, that’s right you get to drive around and enjoy the most colorful and unique “barn quilts” placed on the side local barns…some painted by our children, some by adults, and some by church groups, all with an interesting history and story. You see, it really does not take much to be entertained in Ashe County!

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You say you like to eat, well Ashe County is also dining. From family style to fine dining, it seems we have it all. Enjoy Fraser’s, Michaels 102 North, The River House, and The Glendale Springs Inn for fine dining, maybe with a glass of wine or a libation of choice (in West Jefferson). Then there’s Geno’s, The Brickstone, Winner’s Circle, Greenfield’s, Mountain Aire Steak & Seafood, Winner’s Circle, and Shatley Spring for your family style fill ups. Should you want a bit more and some different choices, the Town of Boone, with Appalachian State University is 30 minutes away… a leisure drive anytime.

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Finally, Ashe County is its people, sincerely warm, open-hearted, friendly and loving people eager to share and help you feel welcome. When they wave, they probably don’t know you, but they’re real glad you’re a visitor, or you live here, and they have an opportunity to say hi in their own special way. Shake someone’s hand, and the firm handshake says one thing and one thing only…Welcome to Ashe County! Ashe County is all about taking time to make new acquaintances, and enjoy special friends. Now you see why people love to visit, returning for more, time after time and why people love calling Ashe County home. Ashe County is its natural beauty, its seasons and, of course, its people.

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Just like our people, there is nothing like Ashe County Real Estate…log cabins and family homes, romantic get-a-ways, dream properties for that dream home, and lots and land, Bring us a need, a wish, and a dream…we’ll take care of the rest. You see, High Country Realty of North Carolina is Ashe County Real Estate. When you Select experience, we feel there is only one choice…High Country Realty of North Carolina.